Multiway Grey Sweater

I made my third sweater on my bond sweater machine and its amAAAAAzing! (Sorry, been watching too much Happy Endings. its ¬†a great show for sewing!) I think I finally got the formula down for that slouchy/oversized look that I like so much this season. This sweater was knitted up on my Bond machine overContinue reading “Multiway Grey Sweater”

Forest Green Mommy Sweater

Happy new year everyone!! I am still posting projects I did back in 2012, like this green sweater! This is the sweater that I made on my Bond Machine knitting sweater that I am not too crazy about. But it looks decent as an underlayer so I’ve been wearing it here and there. For myContinue reading “Forest Green Mommy Sweater”

Cozy Sweater Dress and Knitting Machine!

  Yeap! My new toy is a knitting machine!¬†¬†I had been looking for one on craigslist for forever, one of those nice brother ones for less than a hundred. But I havent been able to find one in months. So I gave up and used a 50% off coupon and bought the¬†ultimate sweater machine¬†for 100Continue reading “Cozy Sweater Dress and Knitting Machine!”