Iphone Running Armband (with tutorial)

Between more satisfying and intensive sewing projects I like to sew practical things, since I dont really enjoy them that much and need the leftover sewing mojo from good projects to power through the practical stuff. I made this iphone armband thing so I dont have to hold my phone in my hand when iContinue reading “Iphone Running Armband (with tutorial)”

Give me wings and I will fly!

It was my less-evil-twin-sister’s birthday the past Monday, and I decided to make her something very cool as her birthday present. She’s a pretty easy person to gift — she loves ultimate Frisbee, she loves cooking good food, she loves gardening, and she loves smart pale looking guys with glasses. She’s also a good gifter,Continue reading “Give me wings and I will fly!”

Semi-DIY Wedding – Veil

Have you ever wondered why veils are so expensive? I was looking through Davids Bridal’s veil selection — they are mostly made from polyester tulle that I can buy from Joanns for 2 dollars a yard with some crystals or beads or ribbons glued/sewn on them. The non-barebone options cost 70 dollars and up! TheContinue reading “Semi-DIY Wedding – Veil”

Juebejue’s tips on making a pair of Jeans!

Hello! Now that I have shown you how I altered the Anita Jeans, I am going to share with you some tips. I must first clarify that I am just a hobby seamstress, and I have made only 2 pair of jeans, a year apart. However, I hope my tips here would be useful forContinue reading “Juebejue’s tips on making a pair of Jeans!”

The Making of a Perfect Pair (of Jeans)

I had been wearing my awesome jeans everyday, and now im going to share how I altered the Anita Pattern to make a pair of butt hugging and slightly flared jeans. (note that all the pictures can be clicked on for full size) Butt hugging On the two leg pattern pieces, there is a lineContinue reading “The Making of a Perfect Pair (of Jeans)”