Juebejue’s Dad sews – the furniture edition

My dad doesnt just sew – he makes furnitures! So one of the things he made was two couches that we used for as long as I could remember until I was at least 12 (had to leave them behind for grandparents when we moved).  As you can see, he didnt have a picture of theContinue reading “Juebejue’s Dad sews – the furniture edition”

Juebejue’s Dad Buys A Vintage Sewing Machine!

Oh my goodness you gals/guys, I have the most awesome dad a seamstress can ask for. One day at 9:30am I got a call from my dad. “Hey, I see this old sewing machine for sale for $20 bucks, it looks pretty good and still works, its a P-F-A-F-F 362, do you want me toContinue reading “Juebejue’s Dad Buys A Vintage Sewing Machine!”

Juebejue’s Dad’s Sewing Book!

My family may not have bought all the wonderfully sewn garments my dad made to the states, but we did bring over his favorate sewing books. I thought I would show you how patterns are like in China as they are quite different from the patterns we usually use. book #1: Toyko Summer Outfits ItContinue reading “Juebejue’s Dad’s Sewing Book!”

Juebejue’s Dad Sews – the 80s shoulder pads

While I wish I still had some outfits made by dad, there are some trends that I just dont think I can ever pull off. That is the notorious big should pads, from the power women of the 80s (or in this case, 90s in China). (YES, THAT IS A REAL SNAKE!!! We didnt realise there was a snakeContinue reading “Juebejue’s Dad Sews – the 80s shoulder pads”