How to Alter Your Basic Coat Pattern for a Flared Coat

Its almost the end of 2010!  One thing I wanted to post before the end of the year is how I made my lady grey inspired coat. I used a basic coat pattern — McCall 5525: The alterations are fairly simple. Here are the 4 bodice pieces: All you really need to do is toContinue reading “How to Alter Your Basic Coat Pattern for a Flared Coat”

Leveling the circle skirt hem– the Juebejue way

I am two photoshoots behind! I have a dress and a skirt that I have completed and am very excited to show you — but the weekend had been crazy busy and I only like to do photos in natural light these days. On Saturday night I did manage to squeeze in a few hoursContinue reading “Leveling the circle skirt hem– the Juebejue way”

Looking Tall on The Wedding Day (at least, for the photos)

I was just looking through some photos by my awesome photographers (our two good friends took all the good photos, and one of them + my husband is processing them) and I realized — I looked really good and really TALL for the wedding! I mean, I still looked petite if my husband is right next toContinue reading “Looking Tall on The Wedding Day (at least, for the photos)”

Semi-DIY wedding: The Program

I wanted to incorporate some sewing-flavor into my wedding besides what I am going to wear. It wont really be a Jue-be-Dex wedding if there are no threads and fabric involved, right? For our wedding program, I bought papers from paper and more, an awesome place for bulk and cheap stock paper. I bought threeContinue reading “Semi-DIY wedding: The Program”

Semi-DIY Wedding – Veil

Have you ever wondered why veils are so expensive? I was looking through Davids Bridal’s veil selection — they are mostly made from polyester tulle that I can buy from Joanns for 2 dollars a yard with some crystals or beads or ribbons glued/sewn on them. The non-barebone options cost 70 dollars and up! TheContinue reading “Semi-DIY Wedding – Veil”

Juebejue’s tips on making a pair of Jeans!

Hello! Now that I have shown you how I altered the Anita Jeans, I am going to share with you some tips. I must first clarify that I am just a hobby seamstress, and I have made only 2 pair of jeans, a year apart. However, I hope my tips here would be useful forContinue reading “Juebejue’s tips on making a pair of Jeans!”