Petite Republic Giveaway – Hot Pink Romance!

Its time for my giveaway again! I am going to make this end on Friday, so that I can mail out this dress at the same time as the last give away! This will be the last give away for probably 6-8 weeks, but I got more coming after I am done with the wedding!Continue reading “Petite Republic Giveaway – Hot Pink Romance!”

Petite Republic Giveaway – Choir Girl Dress!

I am pretty anxious to get rid of stuff I dont use ever since the start of our remodel/spring cleaning. So here it is, a linen┬ádress I made back when I first started sewing. I must admit, the zipper insertion on this dress is a little weird, and I did neglect to pre-wash the fabicContinue reading “Petite Republic Giveaway – Choir Girl Dress!”