POLL: Free Giveaway, or Sell for Charity?

hi Readers!

I was thinking about my free giveaway series today and I thought — wouldn’t it be cool if I can sell my future giveaways (for a low low price), and with all the money I get, donate them to a charity organization, or do something good with it?

One option I am considering is related to helping poor kids who cannot hear well getting hearing aids. I am slightly deaf (since I was little) and I understand how it feels to have to keep on asking people to repeat things or missing out on conversations and feeling awkward in social situations as a result. Finally shelling out  two thousands dollars on a pair on the lowest end hearing aids was one of the best purchases I have ever made, and I wish that I had gotten them when I was younger (before I started college!).

Another option suggested by my AWESOME fiancee, and is more relate-able to you, is to help seamstresses/seamsters in third world countries by supplying loans for their small businesses through Kiva.For those who doesnt know, Kiva Microfunds is an organization that allows people to lend money via the Internet to microfinance institutions in developing countries around the world and in the United States, which in turn lend the money to small businesses. If the business succeed,  the seamstress will pay the loan back and we can re-invest it in another seamstress. If not, the loan is forgiven. I looked around on there, and these are some good examples of people I would like to loan the money to:

  • Succes plus group from Congo need to purchase sewing accessories of good quality that are needed by her clients in order to generate more profit
  • Anwari Group from Pakistan needs to purchase an electric sewing machine for her business

(by the time you read this post, their funds might had been fulfilled, but there’s lots more seamstresses out there who needs more! Feel free to go ahead and lend them some money! )

I do not need to make any extra money since I have a full time job right now, so the money can go to someone in need. What do you think? How much do you think is a reasonable price tag to put on the creations such that YOU would still want to buy it? 10 dollars? 20 dollars? 25 dollars? (each donation on Kiva is ~25) Or should I keep it freeeeeeee so that it is still fun? Or should it be a bidding system (asking readers to leave a comment with the most amount you would pay for this dress, even if its a dollar)? Be honest! I am really open to your feedback!


p.s. congrats to Pam for being the random winner of that pink dress! its still freeeeee! 🙂

5 thoughts on “POLL: Free Giveaway, or Sell for Charity?

  1. I think it’s a great idea to donate instead. Perhaps ask people to sort of pledge to donate to any charity. And if they win, whether they donate or not would be on their honor. It’s a great feeling to do the donation oneself and if they’re willing to pay that much for your creations, they get both the clothing and get to do the donation themselves! Otherwise, there might be the problems that come with money transactions.

  2. You just inspired me to make a loan on Kiva! What a great idea! I made a loan to a seamstress in Peru. She will use the money to buy fabric and thread. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now.

    1. aww! that is awesome! I know that loan would mean a lot to her and the family she supports! I actually also just left a loan to a seamstress in the Philippines to complete her request! 😀 it feels awesome!

  3. how about a weekly auction? you could use the comments as your auction site– maybe let people know that they can “bid” in the comment to that specific post until a certain time, highest bid wins?

  4. I like the auction idea–that would be cool. I’m not sure how to set it up so that you could do the payments though, I’ll leave that to someone more technologically advanced than I. 😛

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