Juebejue’s Dad Sews – the 80s shoulder pads

While I wish I still had some outfits made by dad, there are someĀ trendsĀ that I just dont think I can ever pull off. That is theĀ notoriousĀ big should pads, from the power women of the 80s (or in this case, 90s in China). (YES, THAT IS A REAL SNAKE!!! We didnt realise there was a snakeContinue reading “Juebejue’s Dad Sews – the 80s shoulder pads”

Petite Republic Giveaway – Purple Silk Blouse

Its been a week since I last posted! We took last week off since my work had a shut down. What did we do? We spent the whole week breaking up concrete in our back patio! Its some back breaking work (for my husband), but I think I have toned my arm muscles nicely fromContinue reading “Petite Republic Giveaway – Purple Silk Blouse”