My Black Wool ADCapeCult With a Free Hood Pattern

Hello Friends! ITs been a long time, what a year it has been! Ive been sewing a lot but not posting much, but will do a 2020 review of all the things Ive made last year. My current obsession is the free ADCapeCult cape from American Duchess. Last year, I made two capes, both ofContinue reading “My Black Wool ADCapeCult With a Free Hood Pattern”

My Aquamarline aka Coronavirus Shelter-in-place Sweater

Hello! I hope most of you are doing well through this global pandemic. In my little corner of the world, we have a shelter-in-place where school, work and almost everything else has moved into our homes. I feel fortunately that for us, life has not completely stopped, but just slowed down a little. I getContinue reading “My Aquamarline aka Coronavirus Shelter-in-place Sweater”