Looking back on 2011 and forward on 2012!

I know I am a little late to the party, but I finally got some time to reflect back on my sewing journey in 2011, and post about planned project for 2012! In 2012, not counting any projects for Kaylee or hubby or utilitarian projects (hemming *blah*, curtains *blah*, wallets, baby stuff… etc), my ratioContinue reading “Looking back on 2011 and forward on 2012!”

Yojeggings — Leggings are not pants

Ever since the delivery, I’ve been favoring long sweaters over leggings kind of look, because I cant fit back into my old jeans or pants yet. They were very tight fitting to begin with anyways. However, I also know that leggings are not pants, and I always feel a little weird when wearing sweaters thatContinue reading “Yojeggings — Leggings are not pants”