Damage Control Skirt

Attempted to make a skirt the other day using my newly drafted skirt patterns. However, I failed to recognize that the wool I bought was loosely weaved, so there is a LOT of room for stretching side ways. It ended up being ridiculously big, so i had to do some damage control. After a fewContinue reading “Damage Control Skirt”

Petite Republic Give Away– big circle circle dress!

Have you ever sewn something that you liked and were proud of, only to keep it hidden in the closet and never wear it? I know I have done plenty of that. Sometimes,  it is just not my style; sometimes, the fitting isnt perfect; and sometimes, i just don’t get a chance to wear itContinue reading “Petite Republic Give Away– big circle circle dress!”

Wedding Dress Alteration

For as long as I had been in the sewing world, I have had a fiance. Finally, he would be my official husband (he’s my sort-of-husband right now, since we are really legally married) this May, when we finally have our wedding ceremony. The second most important part of being a bride is having aContinue reading “Wedding Dress Alteration”

Juebejue’s tips on making a pair of Jeans!

Hello! Now that I have shown you how I altered the Anita Jeans, I am going to share with you some tips. I must first clarify that I am just a hobby seamstress, and I have made only 2 pair of jeans, a year apart. However, I hope my tips here would be useful forContinue reading “Juebejue’s tips on making a pair of Jeans!”

The Making of a Perfect Pair (of Jeans)

I had been wearing my awesome jeans everyday, and now im going to share how I altered the Anita Pattern to make a pair of butt hugging and slightly flared jeans. (note that all the pictures can be clicked on for full size) Butt hugging On the two leg pattern pieces, there is a lineContinue reading “The Making of a Perfect Pair (of Jeans)”

First Self-Drafted Skirt

I bought myself a book, How to make Sewing Patterns by Donald H.McCunn, and it is AWESOME. I never RTFM, but this one, I make the exception even though it has no pretty pictures at all. The instructions are very very very very clear, and it teaches you how to manipulate the patterns to makeContinue reading “First Self-Drafted Skirt”