Customized Men’s Bow Tie

For our wedding, we wanted a small, intimate one. So one of our friends became our MC. Though he is not a professional MC, he conducted the party like a pro! So I wanted to give him a Christmas present. He’s a dude who is pretty into fashion, and I swore he wore bow ties to our wedding or some other events. But looking through our photo album, he only had ties! So I decided to make him a silk bow tie:

I used my embrodery machine to embroider “Johnson, MC”, like a doctor/PHD, pretty fun, eh? My husband’s idea there.

Silvery metal vest slider from Hancock:

I kind of wish i embroidered is a little further away from the bow portion, never had a bow tie before and did not know you need so much room for the bow:

It was a very quick job – 3 hours tops, and it looks very nice and presentable, a great gift for a guy who likes to dress up! Do you need a special gift (albeit last minute) for a dude (or a girl who likes to play bunny)? Download burdastyle’s free pattern here.

p.s. if your guy is thick necked, you might want to make one side an inch or two longer — it felt barely long enough for my hubby, who is a lot bigger.

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