Angelina Jolie Proportioned Cotton Maxi

Did that title catch your attention? Nope I am not talking about pads made for women tall lke Angelina (woohoo, no more pads for 6 more month). I saw her wearing this cute maxi when she was pregnant:

I just had to have it for this summer! Not to mention that I can also wear this afterwards 🙂 I happen to have this cute swiss dot pink fabric around that I didnt know what to use for, and I thought it would be perfect for this knock off.

I decided to use the Tara pattern from Burdastyle for the top portion. But for some reason, when I was making the top part, I didnt want too much cleavage showing. I had made a cute, and wearable for maternity Tara last summer and sometimes I wish the top is slightly more modest. So  I kind of changed the front two “bra” pieces into a single slightly heart lined one piece. Then I attached straps with bra rings adjusts so that I can adjust the length depending on my boob size.

After the top, it is just all rectangles! I had to do some math here since I had JUST enough fabric to finish this floor length dress. I liked the proportions of the 3 chunks on Angelina’s dress. I think the proportions are about 8:5:3. The upper chunk looks about equal to the total of the lower two chunks, and the middle chunk is almost twice the lower chunk.

I measured my height from bust to floor, assuming I would be wearing flats with this dress. It is about 40 inches. So my upper chunk would be 20 inches.  And I had this border embroidered fabric. The borders were about 7 inches, perfect for lower chunk. This leaves about 13 inches for the middle chunk.

I also wanted to make sure that the width of each chunk is 1:2:4. So each chunk would be twice as much volume as its previous chunk.

So with those constraints, I solved an x y equation, and successfully managed to use all the fabric without any waste! I was going to bore you with the xy equation, but i just dont have the heart 🙂 I just think its cool when you can use math during sewing!

I love the result! usually petites are not advised to wear maxi dresses. But I believe that with the correct proportions, petites could look tall and slender in one! As for petite preggers, probably just cute, haha!

Oh! my bump is getting bigger and I love it! I finally gained some weight, to my relief. I think I’ll catch up on those baby fat pretty soon! I think I feel the baby moving sometimes, but I can never be sure of those feelings… Its pretty funny — almost half of the world’s population goes through this experience, but it still feels so special and magical!

38 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie Proportioned Cotton Maxi

    1. hahha, actually! when i think of petites in maxi (especially vibrant, colorful ones), i often think of you!we do look good in long dresses, dont we?

  1. Love the modification that you made. And it IS cool when you can use math in practical application, lol. Learning stats now. Grrr…wanted to tear off my scalp doing some of these hw problems.

      1. You would no doubt do very, very well here, Jue! Think you might be in the wrong profession? You know, you make me want to learn to sew. Haven’t tried since I was a kid of course but when I have a house and some space, I’m going to hunt for a small sewing machine and try something! What should I start with? Pillowcase?

        1. woooo, do you think you will have some time to sew? it is soothing and might be like a yoga that clears your mind, perhaps it would be great even when you are busy and in school! hmmm… you know, i have a spare sewing machine that i seriously dont use anymore. i wonder if i would visit you before you start sewing!

          a pillow case is great! perhaps a easy skirt with elastic band too! :D:D

          1. Haha, I make time for TV, so I’ll definitely have time to sew =) especially if it does for me what it does for you! Sewing machine or not, I hope for you to come visit soon with your little one! Or for me to come see you. Why, why are we so far apart? Wish we were neighbors, Jue. So much fun it’d be.

  2. I would say “lovely” rather than “cute”! I think it’s great that you’re making yourself some special things to wear while you’re pregnant.

    1. my husband super appreciate your comment! he did play with the lighting with a flashlight for over half an hour 🙂 so he is very very proud of it!

  3. I made some skirts and dresses for myself when I was pregnant too, because most maternity clothes are nasty and overpriced, but yours looks nicer than the things I made! The adjustable straps are a great idea – Your dress can work before, during and after baby.

    (Sorry to inject some pregnancy reality into the convo, but it can kind of even out: 9 months without pads, but some people need them for many, many weeks after the baby is born….9 weeks for me. Just sayin’ Because sometimes people won’t tell you the nasty details 😦

    1. oh oh oh!! thanks for telling me that! I had no idea! i thought you just need it when your water breaks! eeks. yeah, there’s soooo many thing I didnt know would happen to me before the pregnancy! haha, not that they would have stopped me, but its good to know anyways. i guess its one of those things people dont really talk about!

      1. Yeah, I didn’t know about it either until my sister had a baby before me. When they give you that list of things to bring to the hospital, make sure you add at least one pack of super duper maxis. If you’re lucky and don’t exert yourself too much afterwards, you may stop bleeding in a few weeks, but I was stupid and kept up my usual routine…. hence two months of pads. Yuck. Sorry to all the non-mom readers. Please avert your eyes. 😉
        I’d love to see more maternity creations as you go along!

    1. :D:D thank you thank you! my hushand actually took some photos that made me look even taller (he was on the ground) but the lighting wasnt right 🙂

  4. This looks great on you… lovely! I wanted something pink when I was pregnant, I think because I felt more like a woman :). And now I want to be pregnant again…
    The photos are perfect and kind of mysterious :).

  5. That is one lovely dress! Plus, it doesn’t help that the mommy-to-be is just glowing…literally! Good job, photographer!

  6. jue, you look beautiful!!! i love the dress! i love all the dresses you made for your pregnancy.
    its funny you used celebrity for pregnancy clothing inspiration, because when i was pregnant i would search “jessica alba pregnant dress” on google for prego dress inspirations! 🙂

  7. Oh my goodness! You’re beautiful! And this dress is just gorgeous! I love the little variation you did on the chest part of the dress.I think it’s more ladylike that way…
    One day, I’m going to sew beautiful clothes like this but in the meantime, I’m going to wallow in you other bloggers’ good sewing skills.

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