Pregnancy Rayon Gown

I love rayon — it is soft, breathy, and made of wood pulps. It has great drape without having to deal with more delicate materials like silk. And its super cheap, which is great for pregnancy clothing.

I made this simple gown from a deep blue rayon.

The skirt part is just a semi circle sewn together in the back — which gives it a great drape. I was going to make a full circle, but I did my math wrong with my pregger brain at the store, and only had enough for a semi circle (FYI, if you want to make something like this, you need a wide bolt (60+ inches, and buy 3.5 yards if you want to use semi circle for a maxi, 7 if you want to do a full circle!).

The top is a basic cut (newlook 6589) with elastic in the back. To make it more interesting, I made bias tubes and criss crossed them, though I dont know if I love that design… Its a pain to maintain and I really should iron it to make sure that they are flat.(I was too lazy to do so for even a photoshoot. I guess I should forget about it for regular wear!)

All in all though, its a really comfortable dress. I really love the drape! I dont have any dressy events coming up, but with a little sweater I can dress it down enough for everyday wear!

On the pregnancy side, I am 34 weeks now! 6 more weeks to go. However, I’ve been having a lot of Braxton Hick contractions. One morning when it was feeling way too frequent, I decided to time it. It was regular — 30-45 seconds each, with 5-7 minutes interval. The regularity has ceased after that day, but I hope this doesnt mean that the baby might come early! But this is promoted us to get more ready — now the baby room is fully stocked with diapers, car seat is installed, and my hospital bag is packed!

15 thoughts on “Pregnancy Rayon Gown

  1. Wonderful dress! I love the criss-cross design at the back and that color is stunning! I wish you easy and painless 6 weeks and everything going smoothly when the time comes. I’m just starting week 16 myself. 🙂

  2. Love the straps and love the color on you! You know, I dreamed recently that you had already given birth to little Kaylee. It went very smoothly =) no worries! Also, what’s that tree with green fruits on your right? Are they edible?

        1. :D:D they are one of my favorite fruits too! i usually like to eat them right before they turn color. they give me a tummy ache sometimes but i cant resist! this tree had about 5-8 dates last year, all eaten by me, none for hubby! lol 🙂

    1. Hmmm, 40 is the magic one! But 42 is the magical number according to hitchhikers guide to galaxy… Prhaps thats when the doctors says, thats it, you are coming out whether u like it or not!

  3. Lovely! It looks so wonderfully drapey and swishy. And with the full skirt/empire waist look seeming to stay in style (at least for patterns) I bet you’ll be able to find a use for it after your pregnancy as well.

    1. Thank you!! It was the plan to be able to wear this after pregnancy. However, i may have made the top too loose for later, when my boobs shrinknback to its original size!

  4. That is possibly the most beautiful maternity dress I have ever seen! That drape is indeed gorgeous, and I love the straps in the back. Out of curiosity, where do you get your rayon? I can never seem to find it in the stores I frequent.

    1. it is indeed hard to find good patterned rayon! i dont think ive been it in joanns. however, hancock has a good selection of solid and printed rayons. i wanted a printed one but they dont have much “young” patterns!

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