Baby Doggie Dress

My first sewn baby dress! My mom found some soft flannel I got when I wanted to try sewing in high school but never got around to it. I also received some baby patterns for my baby shower. So here it is! I think she would be big enough to wear it in spring/fall 2012 when its still a little chilly. The long sleeve and the flannel should keep her warm and cute!

I must say though, it is hard to justify sewing baby clothing when you can get some cute ones from goodwills for a buck or two! (Or even better, garage sales for a quarter). But sometimes they are too cute to resist sewing!

11 thoughts on “Baby Doggie Dress

  1. It is such a cute baby dress. I had the same attitude about baby clothes, especially since my girls were inheriting clothes from my niece. It wasn’t long until I changed my story though, since baby clothes have the same fit issues as adult clothes depending on your kids. My three-year-old is a very skinny child with a giant head. She could wear newborn clothing if it was long enough. Also at about 18 months she decided she would only wear dresses and only in certain colors which is difficult when most dresses are either pink or pastel purple. My two-year-old has Down syndrome and so her legs and arms are much shorter for her height than kids her age so new and very different fitting issues. My baby doesn’t have any real fitting issues, but I still end up sewing for her if I want clothing for the three of them that matches. Also, I have found that nice occasion dresses (like for Christmas) aren’t as easy to find cheap.

    1. it always amazes me when i hear stories of people’s little girl having a strong preference for what kind of clothing to wear when they are only two years old! who knew two years olds has such smarts and determination?!
      its good to know that there still can be fitting involved in baby clothing — perhaps i would hold my horses a little until baby is born! according to the dress i just made, she’s going to be one chubby and short girl 😛

      1. Heh, it really depends on the child. The three-year-old actually came out with strong preferences and the nurse in the hospital told me the day she was born that she was born spoiled. My middle child actually has only just started to show some preferences and they aren’t strong at all. My baby (eight months) only shows a preference for being naked.

    1. Lol, it just hit me why you named your entry ‘baby doggie dress’. When I was looking on my phone, I couldn’t see the doggie prints so I was imagining a dress that will fit a baby AND a dog!

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