Black Satin Pocket Skirt and matching striped top


Ive been wanting a black skirt for work for a while – I find myself often wishing for a knee  length fitted skirt. I have made many winter skirts in the past, but only one survived the years and style change and warm California winter- my grey wool skirt with BurdaStyle 03/2009 105. I love the fit and flare shape and most importantly, that awesome pocket.

Of course, a straight black garment really isn’t my thing. I wanted to highlight the pocket with a different texture. So I chose a linen for the main skirt, and a rayon satin for the pocket. I love the subtle contrast and it feels great to stick my hands against a smooth fabric.


After making the skirt, i found it hard to match it with any stripe top i already have – either my top is too thick and doesnt fit tucked in, or its too loose and doesnt look good. So I made a cropped stripe top with fabric from IndieSew to go with it. It’s a pretty comfy pairing!!


I love the combo – if anyone is looking for a great skirt pattern – this one is a very quick make!! The pocket is very easy to make and so very smart.

We took a trip back to Berkeley (where we fell first in love) for our 15 year anniversary and my lovely hubby took photos of a bunch of my creations. The ground of our little hotel are just so cute and irresistable.  Its so funny to visit there as a grown couple without kids, we constantly wondered if we still can pass as  (fashionable) grad students.

6 thoughts on “Black Satin Pocket Skirt and matching striped top

    1. Definitely! They are well drafted (at least for my proportion) too! If we get paper so many patterns per month – though i prefer printing over tracing!

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