Flirty Red Peasant Dress

I made this:



A few years ago I saw a dress in Pinterest and I finally got around to making it.


I decided to make a red version, and while it didn’t come out exactly as I had planned, it looks pretty good on me!


I made it using a red rayon crepe, which is a wonderful material to swish around in. (It is as soft as rayon Challis but feels more opaque and slightly heavier). The top part I used McCal 5039,, and the bottom is just a half circle skirt connected with a wide elastic band. There are elastics around the neckline and armhole. Then a bunch of frills on the bottom.  I do like to pair it with my black leather belt, black Greek sandals and black elephant bag.

After making it, I knew I had to add a few inches to the top part and not have a elastic band around the middle, and this needs a fuller skirt. I’ve already made a black version that is closer to my inspiration.  In any case, i do love wearing this version, and red is always a fun color to swish around in!

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