Juebejue’s Dad Sews

Its been a while since I posted one of my dad’s creations! Here is a dress that  he made for my mom:

My dad said this is his favorite creation, it was too bad that he didn’t take a full body photo of it! It looks very flowy and comfortable, and I love white flowy dresses! My mom is posing under our grape vine, which my dad and grandpa planted and fruited delicious grapes (along with lots of fat worms, which I played with a lot 😛 ).

This dress actually remind me of this burda pattern here.

How I wish my mom took this dress with her when we moved! Its too bad that summer is gone — perhaps I will make one next spring/summer!

For those on the north hemisphere, are you still sewing dresses? Or are you jumping to the fall/winter wool skirts and coats?

2 thoughts on “Juebejue’s Dad Sews

  1. Your dad is so cool! Such a beautiful dress! My own dad would never sew anything, he generally finds that sewing is completely needless and a waste of time.
    I’m starting sewing for fall now, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t sew any dresses! Went shopping for some warm stockings last week! 😉

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