Red Monster Hoodie Dress

I made little K’s Christmas dress! Her school has a Christmas performance with a dress code of red dress and black tights. I knew she wasnt going to just wear any red dresses, so I had to make her one from whatever red fabric I had in my stash. It worked out well, she loooooooves the dress and it made it into her winter outfit rotation, upping # of winter outfit she’s willing to wear from two to three. On the down side she was sick on the performance day – so she didnt get to perform 😦 I was bummed!

About the dress:  I was lazy and just did a batwinged hoodie top, so I didnt have to deal with tiny armholes. That worked out well since she likes her sweater oversized and comfy – and she can slide into the dress easily. The top is made from cotton/poly sweatshirt material, bottom is cotton swiss dot gathered 3 times. The hoodie is waaaay too big for her, I can actually slide my head into her sweater. But her previous handmade sweater dresses were all a little small on the neck and she hated that, so I overcompensated.

Oh yeah, I followed this tutorial to gather the 3 layers of the gathered skirt and OMG its sooooo much easier than any of the other ways I’ve tried (pulling strings or using a gathering feet). Now I might throw away my gathering feet and make a petty skirt like that for myself since its so much easier with my serger and so pretty!

Yeap, I was not kidding when I said I overcompensated…

But she loves it and pretend to be a monster with the hoodie on – so it worked out!

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