QiPao-inspired dress using Burda Pattern

Remember the Qipao craze I had a few months ago after watching In the Mood for Love? Well, I really wanted to make a qipao afterwards. I had some scrape fabric left over from my 50s dress — I bought a whole 4 yards since it was only a dollar something per yard, and a qipao doesnt need much fabric — I thought it was perfect for it. I had made two qipao before, but the fit was pretty weird. Also, I did not want to deal with the traditional front closure anymore as it was hard to make sure that the two “lips” actually match and closes without gaping.

I decided to use a burda magazine pattern, 2009/04, dress 115. It is a simple sheath dress with a pretty decent fit, for petite!! I really liked the pattern before as it is a really interesting pattern, but I never had an excuse to make a dress like that. So I thought– this is perfect for my qipao!

I made the following alterations:

  • the slits in the front/back is eliminated, instead, I left two slits on the sides, all the way up to my thigh.
  • I changed the front shoulder seam a little so that it meets the collar in the center
  • I added an asian style collar
  • added piping at the shoulder seams

Not too many changes, right? I am loving the results:

I decided not to do my usual frog closure– the seams isnt exactly how it is in a real qipao so I didnt want to try too make everything else like a qipao. I also decided to put in the effort and make the inside look nicer than just sergered — they were binded with bias tape (zoom in to above picture and you can see it on the inside of the skirt), much cleaner!

If I were to make this again, I would probably do something different about the front shoulder seam — moving it around made the shoulder seen a little wide, so maybe I should have moved the entire seam together, instead of just the center part.

Even though I dont have much places to wear it to, I still love it a lot! I would definitely wear this much more than my old qipao pieces (which is never)!

14 thoughts on “QiPao-inspired dress using Burda Pattern

  1. Love it too! Feels like the fabric’s just right for this dress. Also love the little touch you added by wearing the gloves =)

  2. I love this. The fabric is perfect. I have a real qipao that a friend’s mother picked up in China, but it is too big so I need to alter it to fit. It is also embroidered red silk and a bit too flashy for every day wear.

    Oh, now I want one like yours!

  3. This is a beautiful take on that Burda pattern. I have 2 qipao, one the my mom bought in Hong Kong that is too oddly shaped to fit me at all and another that’s a hand me down from an aunt that is way too big for me. How I wish that they fit like yours does!

  4. Very cool! šŸ™‚ I love the fabric for this, but since you got it on sale, it’s doubtful that the rest of us could even find some. šŸ˜¦

  5. This is so weird. I was informed of your new post and even read it in my inbox but it’s not on your blog! Just letting you know if it’s a bug. Looking forward to pics of your new kitchen and your tree!!

      1. Refreshing was the first thing I did. Still hasn’t shown up. It is so weird…I noticed that the look of you blog just changed though.

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