Little Black Dress

I saw this in pinterest and fell in love with the look:

So I made my own version. I drafted  the entire thing myself, but the bust area is a little wider than I like. Other than that its what I was looking for! I might end up making this again – with a lighter fabric and a more see-through lace. This one is made with rayon twill, which is a little more rigid than challis despite its drapery-ness. In the photoshoot, I had pulled the back straps tight. But in reality its looped through 4 little loops, therefore can help make the bust area tighter or looser. When my boobs shrink back to a smaller size and stop leaking so much, i hope they dont need as much support and i can wear the dress looser, like my inspiration.








Summer is almost here in the west, which means beautiful golden grassland with dark green oak trees. A beautiful,  beautiful time!

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