Black Qipao

Hubby had requested this sewing from me. He wanted me to make a all black qipao, except a lining of white at the collar and sleeves. Well thats quite easy. tada!

I guess there is not much to say. Pattern is the same as the summer qipao, except I had redrafted the sleeves to fit closer and more petite. The material is very interesting – its rayon faille, so its stiff, but still very comfortable. It is very structured comparing to rayon challis. I might take in the waist part more next summer, as i might lose that pooch completely by then. Luckily qipao is so easy to take in or let out!

3 thoughts on “Black Qipao

  1. I am so relieved to stumble on this post. I was trying to look for a classic qipao inspiration (basically how to do it) since my niece want to wear something similar for Halloween! Ugh, kids these days! I think she wanted to wear something close to Rihanna’s “Princess of China” video.

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