Heart Quilt

After the baby quilt for my friend, I had to make something similar for the girls. I originally wanted to make something big, full sized, with a heart on the lower left corner and pieces falling out. But I didn’t do any math and just assumed things looked about right. Turned out the heart was too big and things just didn’t look right. After it sitting in my room for a while I decided to hack the white space off and make it heart shaped. I like it!

The back of the quilt is actually one of those flat bedsheets that comes in a set (and you really only want the fitted part). Its really comfortable! It doesn’t seem to be a huge hit with the girls though… but I am sure they would love it with time 🙂





2 thoughts on “Heart Quilt

  1. Wait, you’ve made a similar one before, right? I remember the mixed pattern of blue and yellow. Can’t believe the girls don’t love it. It looks so comfy. Just want to snuggle up in it!

    1. Hehehe its the same one 🙂 didnt get around to take nicer photos until now…

      I think the girls would appreciate it when they are older…. if not until they have their own babies! Hahaha (omg i am going to be one of those moms that nag their kids for grandkids)

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